November 29, 2023


Calgary had an amazing performance in 2021! We are so proud of the naturalist and citizen science community for getting outside and showing the world the incredible biodiversity we have in YYC!

Around the world, 1.27 million observations were made April 30-May 3! 52,000+ people shared their observations to iNaturalist and recorded over 45,000 species! 2354 of those species are considered threatened or endangered and they were all found within cities!

In Calgary, there were 267 people who shared their observations to iNaturalist and together we recorded over 660 species (many still yet to be identified to a species level). With 6,689 observations (Counted May 10, 2021), Calgary set the Canadian record for the most CNC observations ever made during the four days!

Toronto and GTA was a late edition to CNC 21 but made incredible gains to end with the most species (836) and most participants (860) of any Canadian City. Halifax, Hamilton, and Ottawa-Gatineau all were successful and squeeze Calgary out of the species top 3. Calgary finished 3rd for the most number of participants in Canada behind Toronto and Ottawa-Gatineau.

CNC YYC 2021 not only our best year ever for participation, species, and observations but there was tremendous growth in the distribution of observations made across the city. Primarily in the Southeast where few observations were made in 2019 and 2020. (Perhaps due to the amazing birds that were visiting Ralph Klein Park and other wetlands).

City Nature Challenge Calgary would not be possible without the support of our local nature, education, and conservation groups. These stewards help to protect our natural areas while fostering people’s appreciation for the natural world. It’s never too late to get involved and it’s a simple as becoming a member, making a donation, or simply communicating with them to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Thank you to everyone and can’t wait for our next chance to blitz together in person!

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