January 28, 2023

Scavenger Hunt Challenge

2022 City Nature Challenge Scavenger Hunt:

We’ve created a few challenges to help you think differently about Calgary’s regional biodiversity. They are intended for all ages but will test even the greatest of naturalists! If you are an educator or community group leader, these might be just what you need to get your groups outside! Please reach out to us at citynatureyyc@gmail.com for additional resources and prizing opportunities.

Previous CNC Scavenger Hunts:

  • CNC 2020: Ultimate Urban Biodiversity Scavenger Hunt This Challenge is designed to get you thinking differently about the urban ecosystem with challenges in your home, yards, neighborhoods, and local parks. Great for all ages and working teams!

CNC2020: BINGO Bird Checklists:

CNC 2020: Backyard Bioblitz Bingo

  • Easy/Medium: Backyard and Neighborhood biodiversity to keep your eye out for! (Ages: Any)