November 29, 2023


City Nature Challenge 2023

April 28 – May 1

City Nature Challenge 2023 Calgary Promo Video

Back for the fifth year, Calgary will take on 460 cities from around the world in an attempt to document urban biodiversity like never before. Cities will compete to see which can make the most observations, document the most species, and engage the most people. 

  1. Download the iNaturalist app and/or sign-up at
  2. Explore your yard, neighborhood, nearby parks, or anywhere you can April 28 – May 1. Visit the Events page to join a bioblitz.
  3. Take photos of WILD organisms such as plants, fungi, insects, birds, mammals, and everything else you can! 
  4. Upload your photos to iNaturalist by May 7
  5. Canadian and Global results shared May 8!