March 7, 2021

iNat Webinars

Tune up your iNaturalist skills just in time for City Nature Challenge 2020 (April 24-27) by joining one our FREE webinars! We will be hosting introductory webinars via ZOOM to teach you the tricks-of -trade in using iNaturalist efficiently and effectively. Learn about how you can become a citizen scientist by sharing your nature photographs with researchers from around the world. Click the date you would like to register for below. Each webinar will cover the same material so you only need to attend once!

Calgary Specific:

Canada Wide

Topics will include:

  • City Nature Challenge 2020
  • Backyard Biodiversity and citizen science
  • Nature photography on your phone
  • overview (Explore, Uploads, Identifications, Projects)
  • Q&A

What you’ll need:

  • Access to Zoom
  • Phone/ tablet / laptop with access to or the app installed.

These events are organized by Matt Wallace. If you’d like to support him, consider thanking him with a coffee: