March 7, 2021

Where and when do I make a CNC YYC observation?

Each city has defined their own urban boundary which all observations must occur within. Calgary’s area include the municipalities of Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Chestermere. You can view the map on the iNaturalist project page.

Any photo or audio clip that is taken April 24-27 and uploaded to before May 3 (Midnight) AND within the CNC YYC 2020 boundaries will automatically be included in Calgary’s CNC 2020 entry. Observations can be made in any type of habitat including your yard, alleyway, sidewalk, rooftop, park, schoolyard, everywhere and anywhere within Calgary’s city limits.

iNaturalist can be used anywhere in the world, so get familiar before the competition by downloading the app and practicing making/uploading observations.

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