March 7, 2021


City Nature Challenge 2020 is still going on!

However, due to COVID-19, we have had to cancel our community events this year to ensure the safety of participants. There are still ways to participate, ere’s how:

  • Document species in and outside of your home. You can test out iNaturalist by adding all of your house plants. Make sure to mark them as “Captive/cultivated when you post.
  • Conduct a Backyard bioblitz by documenting every species living on your property. How many do you have? Investigate your gardens, document birds at the feeders, capture critters using your yard, look in the compost, or even leave a light on in the evening to attract some insects!
  • Take a walk down your alleyway and see what types of plants and animals live there!
  • Explore a nearby stand of trees you’ve always seen but never visited
  • Visit your favorite park and document as many species as possible.
  • Complete as many City-Wide Challenges as you can.
  • Visit the iNaturalist project page and help to identify other’s observations

If you have plans to head out in a small group here are some precautionary measures that should be taken:

  • Stay home if you are feeling under the weather!
  • Wash your hands before, during, and after adventuring!! Bring sanitizer for you and your group!
  • Avoid physical contact and do not cluster! Always exercise a minimum of 2 meters from strangers and give your group members space to breath (you’ll also be able to cover more ground!)
  • Do not share: binoculars, scopes, guidebooks, magnifying glasses, cameras, and especially phones.
  • Air-cheers binoculars or air high-fives for cool sightings and greetings

If you’re looking for more information about organizing a decentralized community event, we can help guide you through the process with educational packages and information to get you and your group outside! Contact us at to find out more about collaborative opportunities.