February 29, 2020

CNC YYC 2020

City Nature Challenge 2020: Calgary Metropolitan Region

April 24 – 27 Observation Period and Events
April 24 – May 3 Observation Uploads and Identifications

City Nature Challenge Calgary is back April 2020! Join the challenge to see how Calgary’s urban biodiversity stacks up to cities around the world. Calgary and surrounding municipalities will be under a total bioblitz and compete with cities such as Berlin, Cape Town, San Francisco, Halifax and 275 other cities around the world. Our goal is to gather 10 000 observations of everything wild that lives in Calgary’s regional ecosystem.

This year we have expanded the CNC YYC boundaries to include Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, and Chestermere. Any photos taken April 24-27 and uploaded to iNaturalist.ca before May 3 (midnight) will automatically count towards the Calgary Metropolitan Region’s entry in City Nature Challenge 2020. The winning cities will be announced May 4!

Here’s where you come in:

Get Outside and Discover Urban Nature!

Nature is everywhere in the city. Be curious about what local biodiversity means. By mapping where nature is in the Calgary region we can begin to understand why and how flora and fauna exist in Calgary. There is plenty to learn just through observing nature in your garden, your alleyways, visiting your local park, and exploring areas of the city you’ve never been to!

Document Everything Wild!

By taking photographs and making audio recordings using your phone, tablets, and cameras. Take as much information as you need so that it can be identified. For example: Take multiple photos of plants (habitat, leaves, flowers, fruit, etc.).

Share Your Observations!

Post your observations to iNaturalist.ca using the app on your phone or online. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s educational, and helps scientists around the world study biodiversity. This is how we begin to understand the patterns and trends of urban nature!

City Nature Challenge 2020 Global Cities:

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