CNC YYC 2019

Join the challenge to see how Calgary’s nature stacks up to cities around the world! Calgary will be under a total bioblitz and will compete with cities like Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and over 160 others in an attempt to document and identify all things wild!

CNC has three categories for cities to compete:

  1. The largest amount of observations made between April 26 – 29
  2. The greatest number of species documented
  3. The highest number of participants

This intercity competition is friendly at best, but prestigious bragging rights are up for grabs.

Make as many observations as you can April 26-29 by taking photos and uploading them to All observations must be made within Calgary’s city limits. You can participate at one of the many events in bioblitz-style nature walks or you can explore the city independently. All of the observations made will count towards Calgary’s entry in the global City Nature Challenge (CNC) competition.

If for some reason you can’t get outside, you can help make identifications April 30-May 5. (log on to iNaturalist, click “explore”, enter Calgary as the location and and confirm or disagree what people have posted).

Calgary will be the most northern city in North America competing. Halifax, will be the only other Canadian city to compete and have directly challenged us. There will only be one winner here…

Are you up for the challenge? Join in trying to document all of Calgary’s biodiversity by creating your free iNaturalist account and uploading your observations. You can begin to practice anytime, but come April 26, go wild with your observations.

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